On Saturday, more than a dozen of the biggest names in the Republican Party spoke at the Iowa Freedom Summit, an event that served as the unofficial opening bell of the GOP's 2016 presidential campaign.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) spoke to Tucker Carlson on "Fox and Friends Weekend" about the main message that came out of the weekend and which issues received the most enthusiastic responses.

"It was a sellout crowd with a huge waiting list to get in the venue, and everybody is so interested and looking for someone who can lead this country," Blackburn said. "And leadership is what you hear from people that they are looking for most. Who can get the job done?"

Blackburn said one of the biggest issues that people focused on at the summit was what she calls the "security agenda."

She explained that includes not only national security and border security, but also the security of the economy and jobs.

Carlson pointed out that Donald Trump got a huge response when he went after Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, potential candidates in the 2016 who weren't present at the summit.

Blackburn asserted that's because people want fresh faces, new energy and leadership.

"What they want are ideas and a way to secure freedom and to secure the American Dream for future generations. One of the greatest fears people have is that America is going to cease to be what it has been. They want somebody that is going to say, 'This is how we get the job done.'"

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