Many people have been up-in-arms over the New England Patriots' Deflate-Gate scandal.

The use of under-inflated footballs by quarterback Tom Brady in the Patriots' AFC Championship Game victory over the Colts has drawn strong reaction from fans, players, league executives and other NFL personalities who are debating whether the issue affected the Pats-Colts matchup and the sport itself.

On "Media Buzz," Will Leitch asserted that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been so antagonistic to the media over the years that people like seeing him and his team get in trouble.

Howard Eskin added that this isn't a first-time offense for the Patriots and he likened Brady to Pinocchio.

"He is clearly Pinocchio. He's stone cold lying," Eskin said. "I do not believe Tom Brady for a second. And Bill Belichick? He lied before, he's lying again."

With so many in the media sounding off on Deflate-Gate, "Saturday Night Live" joined the fray with a hilarious cold open sketch on last night's show.

Watch the must-see "Saturday Night Live" clip below and let us know what you think about Deflate-Gate in the comments.