Judge Jeanine was joined on "Justice" last night by two Navy SEALS who knew the real "American Sniper," Chris Kyle.

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Former Navy SEAL Larry Yatch served with Kyle on SEAL Team 3 and actually spoke with him just a few weeks before he was murdered in 2013.

"He was doing really well," Yatch said. "For any soldiers, especially soldiers that went through things he went through, it takes a toll, not only personally but on the family life. And one of the hardest things for any soldier to do is actually stop going to war."

Former Navy SEAL Eric Davis, who trained Kyle at SEAL sniper school, said he could tell that Kyle was a good shot and had experience with guns, but no one was aware just how prolific Kyle would prove to be.

"You're there to learn how to take care of bad guys and that's our primary focus, just to get good at our job," Davis said. "I don't think it would have occurred to anybody what the events would lead to years later."

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Yatch said that when he was injured and forced to medically retire, he spoke to Kyle about the sense of failure he felt about not being able to fight.

"Here's the world's most effective sniper," Yatch said. "He's done more than any SEAL has done. And he said to me that what was troubling him more was the fact that he was no longer able to fight and that he was - he said it - a 'coward' because he chose to stop fighting."

Yatch said that he and the rest of the veterans out there who are troubled by feelings of leaving their comrades can be proud of their accomplishments, knowing that even a warrior as decorated as Kyle had the same feelings.

Yatch added that a great part of the film "American Sniper" is that it shows the effect of war on military families.

"We got to live our dreams being out on the battlefield fighting our nation's enemies, but it's our families' nightmares," Yatch said. "While we were out there risking our lives, they were worried that we were going to be killed."

"The movie showed a really good portrayal of the sacrifices of the families left behind."

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