A Tennessee school district has voted to set the minimum failing grade in its high schools at 60 percent, making it easier for students to pass.

Board members on the Monroe County Board of Education approved the new grading policy, which is meant to help students who are putting in effort, but struggling to raise their grades.

Whitney Neal and Dr. Michael Fiorillo appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning to debate if this new policy just hurts students in the long run.

"You're letting kids know exactly that they have to do the bare minimum to achieve a passing grade and that's ridiculous," Neal said. "It doesn't teach them that there are consequences for failure and there are consequences for not producing hard work."

Fiorillo disagreed, pointing out that this should only affect the lower 7 to 10-percent of students.

"These are kids that are having a hard time and they're just going to drop out," he said, noting that 75 percent of the crimes committed in the U.S. are committed by high school dropouts.

"In my opinion, we have to try and graduate these kids. Not give them a free pass ... it's an opportunity to give them a second chance."

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