If orange is the new black, then it appears pink must be the new orange.

Inmates at Grovetown jail in Columbia Country, Georgia, are getting hot pink jumpsuits, and it's safe to say that they're not exactly tickled pink.

"Who wants to come to jail and wear pink?" said Sgt. Cameron Brown with the Grovetown Department of Public Safety. "Wearing the pink kind of let's them know we run the jail and they don't."

Brown said that officials hope that inmates hate the color and never want to come back.

He added that Grovetown recently started a new program in which inmates pick up trash outside and clean the roads. He said the bright uniforms will help with visibility, while offering a deterrent to other citizens.

“Folks will see our inmates picking up trash in the gullies wearing hot pink, and hopefully it’ll give them a second thought if they want to come here and do wrong,” said Gary Jones, director of the public safety department.

Brown said that a lot of inmates have told him, "I'm not coming back because I'm not wearing pink."

Watch the clip above.