A tennis reporter is facing criticism for asking a tennis star to "twirl."

Gretchen Carlson explained on "The Real Story" today that at the Australian Open Wednesday, Eugenie Bouchard was asked by a male interviewer to twirl and show off her outfit.  

Trace Gallagher reported more about the brewing sexism controversy.  

"Eugenie Bouchard is ranked seventh in the world, she was the runner up at Wimbledon, she just won her second round match at the Australian Open," he said. "I mean, she's a big-time force."

But instead of asking the 20-year-old tennis star about her performance on court, Australian tennis commentator Ian Cohen asked, "Can you give us a twirl and show us your outfit?"

She looked stunned at his request, but twirled to show off her outfit. However, social media erupted with critics sounding off that his request was sexist.

Watch the video above to hear more.