On today's "Happening Now", Jenna Lee spoke with Bob Lee, her father and a former NFL player, about the NFL deflate-gate scandal.

Bob Lee, who played for the Atlanta Falcons, St. Louis Rams, and Minnesota Vikings, explained that he thinks a quarterback can notice a difference in the inflation of a football. 

"I think you can notice a difference in a variety of footballs and they are pumped up a little differently and when they're used," he said. "And during the course of the game you're going to notice a difference."

The former quarterback added that "someone who has played football for a long time or thrown a football for a long time can tell a difference."  

In response to a viewer's question, Bob Lee explained that a referee might not notice it unless there was a huge change to the weight. 

"The balls are inspected as everybody has already talked about and this is overblown in some ways," he stated. "They are inspected two hours before the game. But then once the game begins, there is so much going on and the officials have so much to concentrate on, unless there was a huge problem with a football. I don't think they would notice."

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