On "The Real Story" today, Gretchen Carlson reported about a neighborhood dispute that is getting national attention. 

A New York homeowners association has filed a lawsuit against a family in order to prevent them from parking their pickup truck in their own driveway. 

The dispute is taking place in Kenry Moore near Fayetteville, N.Y. The lawsuit argues that driveways in the neighborhood are only for private passenger automobiles and that the Ford F-150 does not meet those standards.

The homeowner, David Orlando, explained that his truck is not an eyesore. 

"It's a brand new truck," he said. "Apparently they feel it's in violation of their bylaws."

His attorney, Thomas Cerio, added that his client's vehicle is a passenger vehicle that is not being used commercially. 

"If you look at the definition of a commercial vehicle, it clearly states that a commercial vehicle is one that carries goods and not passengers," Cerio stated. "Mr. Orlando's vehicle, a Ford F-150, is a passenger vehicle. It's registered as a passenger vehicle. It has passenger plates on it, noncommercial use. He uses it as his personal vehicle. He doesn't possess a commercial driver's license." 

Watch the video above to hear more.