While the movie "American Sniper" is setting box office records and earned Oscar nominations, the man accused of killing Chris Kyle in real life is going to face trial for his murder soon. 

According to reports, lawyers for Eddie Ray Routh are trying to argue that he can't get a fair trial because of the movie's success and want a new trial location. 

"The film will be an issue," J. Warren St. John, Routh's attorney, told People magazine. "I think any case with significant publicity has an issue with picking a jury. I've had them in the past, and anything that has significant national attention makes it hard to pick a jury."

This morning on "Fox and Friends" defense attorney Jose Baez, who famously represented Casey Anthony, told Steve Doocy that he thinks that Routh's request will be denied. 

"I think it's going to get denied," Baez said. "However, it's going to create a permanent issue in this trial and it's going to create an appellate record that will debated later on."

Baez added that the judge might provide wide latitude to the defense and prosecution in this case. 

"I think what the judge will do in this situation will give the defense and the prosecution wide latitude in perhaps giving a jury questionnaire to find out which jurors have actually seen the movie or seen any clips or read the book," Baez stated. "Remember the book was a number one best seller."

"So if you send out a questionnaire and then those who are actually put something in the affirmative will then be further questioned individually outside of the veneer, which is the rest of the jury panel to see if they can be fair and impartial."

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