What an entrance to the world!

A father delivered his own son in a hospital parking lot after crashing his car in bad weather.

Angela and Sergie Tsushko beamed with joy this morning on "Fox and Friends" when they shared their incredible story with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

A storm left sheets of ice on the roadways in Thornton, Colorado, when Angela went into labor ten days early.

Sergie rushed her to the nearest hospital to deliver baby Elijah, but the storm made it extremely difficult for him to drive. 

They made it, but crashed the car at the very end.

"On the way there, there was a hill, really steep slope. I tried to make a turn and we just hit the curb, popped a tire trying to get to the hospital."

Angela said she knew the baby was coming and that they were out of time.

"Well he asked me to get out and try and get in the chair," Angela explained. "I said 'no, there's no time,' you just have to pull the pants down because he's coming out!"

"He's coming, just catch him!" Angela yelled.

Sergie said that his wife gave him no choice and he did what any other expecting father would do ... he made the catch. 

"I heard a cry, so that was good. So I gave it to mom and ran to the emergency room to get more people," he said, joking that his son is doing everything an infant is supposed to do: eat, sleep and go to the bathroom.

Watch the video above to hear more of this incredible story.