Fox News Insider caught up with Anna Kooiman today ahead of the premiere episode of "Road Trip."

Here's what she told us about her exciting new series...

Hi everyone! So excited to take you from sea to shining sea in a new series I am hosting on "Fox and Friends." The series name is 'Road Trip!' Ya dig?

Producers will have all kinds of surprises for me around every corner. Pretty much all I'm told is, 'be in this city, at this time, and we'll have some fun.'

Oh... and I'll be scootin' around in a hot ride. I get to drive an Audi!

Our first stop is Nashville, Tennessee. I'll get a tour of Music City, USA from country music star, Jerrod Niemann ('Lover, Lover' and 'Drink to That all Night').

We'll hit up the Country Music Hall of Fame, go dancin' at a famous honky tonk called Tootsie's, and karaoke it out with some Garth Brooks tunes at America's #1 dive bar.

It's called Santa's Pub, where the owner looks like... you guessed it... Santa Claus!

Prepare to be amazed by my wonderful singing. Look out "American Idol," here I come. Haha!

You can also tweet me some of your bucket list suggestions! I'll pitch them to the producers and we may just end up in your hometown...

Check out "Road Trip w/Anna Kooiman," debuting tomorrow on "Fox and Friends" at 7:20a ET!