"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace reacted this morning to President Obama's State of the Union address, viewing the speech as "completely disconnected" from the political reality in Washington. 

Martha MacCallum asked about the president's air of confidence and defiant tone, noting that he threatened vetoes seven times.

She also pointed out his seemingly off-the-cuff remark about winning all of his campaigns, which generated laughs and a big response from Democrats.

Wallace said he suspects that Obama's light-hearted jab at Republicans was planned, saying that it came right after an obvious applause line in the speech. 

"If I could figure it out, someone in the White House could. I'll bet you he had that in his pocket," said Wallace. 

Wallace said he was struck by the fact that Obama never acknowledged the fact that Republicans won big at the polls in November, taking control of the Senate. 

"There was no recognition whatsoever that he and Democrats took a drubbing in the midterm election. ... I guess he's decided that the best defense is a good offense," he said, adding that Obama has been on the offensive since the elections, threatening vetoes and issuing executive orders on immigration.

"Rather than reaching out on possible areas of compromise, he was acting as if it was 2009, he had just won election and he was dealing with a Democratic House and Senate. Complete disconnect between that election and his speech last night."

Wallace pointed out that about half the 14-page speech was devoted to all the "great stuff" he's going to hand out, but only a few pages were devoted to talking about the new taxes needed to pay for these programs. 

Wallace suggested that Obama's strategy could hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016 by moving the party further left, rather than toward the center. 

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