Fox News confirms that Yemen’s president has reached a truce with the rebels who have been battling for government control.

This morning, the Houthi rebels stormed Yemen’s largest missile base, surrounding his home.

As part of the truce, militants will pull back from the president’s residence and leave the presidential palace in exchange for more representation in the government.

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Shiite Houthi rebels have reportedly seized Yemen’s largest missile base, and there are conflicting reports on whether they are holding the president hostage.

The rebels are reportedly holding Yemeni President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi captive, but Yemen officials say he remains the head of state.

The Houthi leader alleges that the government has clear complicity with al Qaeda and refuses to announce war against the group.

Still, the Houthis don’t like how the Yemeni government has allowed the U.S. to conduct a drone war against al Qaeda.

The U.N. Security Council unanimously voted to condemn the coup in Yemen.

Meanwhile, two Navy warships are prepositioned in the Red Sea in the event that the U.S. embassy is evacuated. So far, no orders have been given to evacuate.

Watch Jennifer Griffin’s report above.