You won’t want to miss Monday's premiere of Fox Business Network’s Strange Inheritance, a one-of-a-kind show which explores rare, bizarre legacies uncovered across America.

It's all part of FBN's revamped primetime lineup. (Details, here.)

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Host Jamie Colby is criss-crossing the nation, and there's no predicting what she'll come across!

What happens when a loved one leaves behind a century-old amusement park or a crocodile ranch?

Or how about a collection of 100,000 bugs that Walt Disney wanted for himself?

In tonight's premiere episode, Jamie meets a man who suddenly found himself with a box of very rare Ty Cobb baseball cards. 

He learned that a similar card had sold for $40,000. 

"I was thinking, oh my God, I have a million dollars sitting in a chair," he recalled.

Watch a preview above as Jamie gives us some insight into the "strange inheritances" on "Fox and Friends."

Here's some more of what you'll see this season: 

Find out the story behind the world's largest thermometer.

A young woman takes over her grandfather's century-old movie theater, but can she keep her promise to keep it open?

What will one family do with 150 tractors?!

Join Jamie Colby for "Strange Inheritance" at 9p ET Mon-Thurs on Fox Business Network, debuting on Monday, Jan. 26.

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