Remember that police dash camera video of a police officer lip syncing and head bobbing along with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off?"

Well, Jeff Davis, the officer in the video, was on "America's Newsroom" today, where he said he's shocked by the response he's getting from the video.

"We come from Dover, Delaware, which is very small," Davis said. "We had over 10,000 likes on our Facebook and this was kind of just a celebration of that."

"I never thought it was going to get like this," Davis shared. "Trust me, even if that wasn't set up, that would be me driving around like that on a normal day."

Hemmer asked Davis his thoughts about the ongoing police issues in America. 

"All around the world our badge has been tarnished, and it's nice to put a little bit of shine back onto the badge," Davis explained. "The negativity that we've been receiving is horrible, and it's wonderful to know that we've touched so many people worldwide."

Watch the video above to hear more of the conversation.

See the original YouTube video below.