One incredibly lucky driver managed to escape unharmed when an out-of-control semi-truck skidded across multiple lanes and over the median on Interstate 95 on Sunday.

The harrowing incident was captured on video by the driver and has already been viewed more than one million times on YouTube.

The uploader of the video, YouTube user MrLegolize, explains in the description, "I was blocked by two trucks on south bound I-95 at exit 9 in NJ (New Brunswick exit). I only wanted to take a picture while I was awaiting for them to clear up... And then I heard a noise from behind...I was barely missed."

"Once I turned off camera, I called in 911 and reported the accident. After that I came to the truck and the rest of the cars to verify they were alright. After arrival of NJ State Trooper and his dismissal confirming that he does not require my presence, I left the scene."

Watch the crazy video below.