The new film "American Sniper" was a huge hit at the box office and with many critics, but some in Hollywood have had some harsh things to say about it. 

Controversial comments by Seth Rogen have Michael Moore ignited a debate over the film.

Both Rogen and Moore attempted to clarify what they meant by those comments in subsequent tweets.

On "America's Newsroom" today, Kevin Jackson suggested that criticism of "American Sniper" could be jealousy on the part of Hollywood.

"When a movie is this madly successful, you know what it says? It says that America loves the American spirit, America loves heroes, America loves guys like Chris Kyle because they understand what they go through," Jackson said. "Michael Moore couldn't pass sniper training."

Jackson acknowledged, though, that soldiers fight for the freedom of speech, so people like Rogen and Moore can say what they want.

Leslie Marshall pointed out that this is a Hollywood film, so it's not like the movie industry is taking aim at the film.

She said that there will always be anti-war or anti-gun people who come out of the woodwork when a film like "American Sniper" is released.

Watch the clip above.