Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) this evening sounded off on confronting the jihad threat.

“You can’t be prosperous unless you’re safe,” he explained.

Rubio said that the Obama administration “[thinks] that radical jihadists are just unhappy because we did something […] they don’t understand that the nature of radical jihad is they want the whole world to be under the flag of radical Islam.”

The Florida senator also weighed in on the economy, telling Bill O'Reilly that Americans read in the news that the economy is improving, but they don't feel it.

“They’re stuck between low wages and high prices, and they’re frustrated, and the American dream is slipping out of reach for them,” he said.

According to Rubio, America is not experiencing a cyclical downturn, but rather a rapid restructuring of the essence of the economy.

He said we must give Americans 21st century skills to fill higher paying jobs, implement a pro-family tax code, repeal and replace ObamaCare, and help people with the burden of student loans.

Watch the full interview above.