A California high school girls basketball coach is back on the job after serving a two-game suspension for his squad's preposterous blowout of another team.

Arroyo Valley High School defeated Bloomington High School by the unbelievable score of 161-2 on Jan. 5.

Arroyo Valley coach Michael Anderson was suspended by the school, returning for the team's game on Monday.

Anderson said in an interview, "The game just got away from me ... I didn't play any starters in the second half ... I didn't expect them to be that bad. I'm not trying to embarrass anybody."

Bloomington coach Dale Chung said, "People shouldn’t feel sorry for my team. They should feel sorry for [Anderson’s] team, which isn’t learning the game the right way."

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"What is the message here?" Harris Faulkner asked on "Outnumbered" today. "It's a competition. These kids are not three, they're older kids. They're going on in life, they're going to have to learn how to compete."

"You learn a lot from losing," Melissa Francis added. "But there [are] also gracious winners. And it's not necessarily what was on the scoreboard, but how did these people conduct themselves while they were winning."

Andrea Tantaros said she doesn't believe that everyone should just get a trophy for participation. Sometimes winning is the important thing, she said, not trying to make everyone feel good.

"Is this what we're going to start to do in our daily lives?" Tantaros asked.

In the first game with Anderson back on the bench, Arroyo Valley squeaked by San Bernardino High 82-20

Watch the clip above.

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