Laura Ingraham previewed the State of the Union this morning, saying that President Obama has never had any real intention of working with Republicans. 

Ingraham said that the president's plan to now propose higher taxes on the wealthy is another example of this. 

She recalled that when Democrats lost big during his presidency, Bill Clinton recognized that his policies had been "rebuked" and "put the country first." 

"They did put forward a number of reforms that led to a balanced budget, welfare reform, and the economy really did start humming. I think that's the kind of stuff Hillary's gonna talk about, believe it or not, on the campaign trail. How to work with the other party when the other party is in control. How you do it in a meaningful way," said Ingraham.

She called President Obama a "fanatic" who is only concerned with amassing more power in Washington and redistributing wealth. 

"This is textbook Obama! These Republicans who think they are going to sit down and hammer out a really great immigration reform deal with Obama and it’s going to be step-by-step, and he’s really going to enforce the border and it’s going to be great, these people are living on another planet. ...This is just what he is. He's not gonna change," said Ingraham.

Responding to the latest ISIS hostage-taking, Ingraham said that the United States is losing against ISIS and people in Syria and Iraq are pleading for more help.

"There is a systematic and ethnic cleansing going on in the Middle East, and now in Nigeria, soon to be spreading probably throughout Africa. And as far as I can tell, our strategy is every now and then send some advisors. We’re sending 400 new advisors. Send some Hellfire missiles down to rain on their parade. But this is not working. We have to talk about this." 

Watch her full analysis above.