Greg Gutfeld this evening drew a comparison between President Barack Obama and an ex who just won’t let go, doing whatever he can “to weasel his way back into your life.”

“He'll show up at work with flowers or call just to tell you about his new yoga mat,” Gutfeld said. “The only thing you can do is brush him off. And that’s the advice I give to America as we face the State of the Union.”

Gutfeld said that Obama will talk big and offer sweeping, defiant proposals in an effort to rile.

“If you take the bait, he wins. His goal: to unleash conflict, which then becomes the media's meat. He's kicking a hornet’s nest, hoping we sting ourselves.”

Gutfeld’s advice? Smile and move on.

“For America is on the market, looking for someone new – someone strong, sensible, loyal, dreamy. This guy you've been with for six years just wasn't into you, more enamored by the hippie types who feel and not think. You were Main Street. He was Occupy Wall Street.”

Gutfeld said that Obama’s new aggressiveness speaks of his desperation.

“Tonight's speech is just a political version of a bitter ex contacting you on Facebook, thinking he can worm himself back into the spotlight by defiantly bringing up the past […] Sometimes you gotta say, ‘We've moved on, Mr. President, so should you.’ And if he doesn't, give him a fake phone number.”

Watch Gutfeld’s monologue above.