Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) called President Obama "tone deaf" for proposing more tax increases on wealthy Americans. 

As Obama gets ready to explain his proposals in the State of the Union, Blackburn went "On the Record" to argue why the president is pursuing the wrong agenda. 

Blackburn agreed with Kimberly Guilfoyle's contention that Americans are fed up with Washington and don't want to send more of their money to potentially be misused.

"They don’t want to send [taxes] to federal agencies that listen in on your phone calls, snoop on your mail, and an IRS that is going to exact political retribution on conservative groups," she said, faulting the Obama administration for paying "bureaucrats" instead of spending on the military.

"People are tired of it. People are overtaxed, government’s overspent, we do not have a revenue problem. You know, we brought in the most money ever – the most money ever – in 2014. Three trillion dollars in revenue," said Blackburn, adding that the president is "tone deaf" for failing to see that Americans want jobs and economic opportunity. 

Guilfoyle asked what Blackburn would like to see Republicans propose instead. 

She answered that Republicans should talk about cuts in discretionary spending, entitlement reform starting with Medicaid, and lowering capital gains taxes.

"The president does not understand. The federal government cannot get in here and control all of this. It makes things worse, it doesn’t make things better."

Watch the discussion above and check out details on tonight's SOTU coverage on Fox News Channel - including a Twitter chat with "The Five" and a special 11p ET Kelly File.