Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry briefed us this afternoon on what President Obama wants to emphasize during his State of the Union address. 

It'll be the president's sixth SOTU address, and his second-to-last in office. Henry also laid out several items that Obama does not want to talk about. 

Essentially, Henry said Obama will look to focus on domestic initiatives that play well with his base and avoid foreign policy matters.

"The world is burning right now," said Henry, laying out four specific trouble spots for the administration.

Al Qaeda - the president said last year in the SOTU that we're no longer on a war footing after saying for years that the terrorists were on the run. 

Yemen - Henry noted that there's a coup underway there. Last year, Obama held up Yemen as a success story and proof that his anti-terror policies were working.

Islamic extremism - Josh Earnest said earlier today that the president will not specifically say "Islamic extremism." The administration has been criticized for avoiding the term. 

Cuba - Henry said Obama wants to focus on turning a corner on relations with Havana. But there are new reports about a Russian spy ship arriving in Havana on the eve of U.S.-Cuba talks.

Henry said that the address is expected to focus on a new proposal for more taxes on the wealthy and tax cuts for the middle class. 

The president will also discuss his plan to spend around $60 billion on "free community college," which will be paid for through higher taxes on the rich.

Immigration will also be on the agenda, possibly to lay the groundwork for more executive actions, Henry noted. 

Watch the full segment above and check out details on tonight's SOTU coverage on Fox News Channel - including a Twitter chat with "The Five" and a special 11p ET Kelly File.