Retired U.S. Marine Corporal Jacob Schick endured 46 surgeries, 23 blood transfusions and the amputation of one of his legs after his Humvee was hit by a massive IED in Iraq in 2004.

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Schick appeared on "Fox and Friends" to discuss his story, his onscreen role in the hit film "American Sniper" and some of the backlash that the movie is receiving.

Schick recounted before one particularly invasive surgery on his left arm, a doctor wanted to amputate his ring finger. When he said no, an intern asked Schick why he wouldn't let the doctor amputate the digit.

"I told her my story," Schick said. "She was the first one I told my whole story to, about how I got wounded. And out of all the things she could have asked me, she went with, 'Why didn't you let him amputate your ring finger?'"

"I said, 'One of these days, I'm going to find a woman that loves me just the way I am and I'm going to proudly wear a ring on that finger, and then it will have a use."

Schick and that intern have been happily married for almost nine years now.

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Schick said of his big screen debut in "American Sniper," "I play a severely wounded Marine, so I hope I nailed it, because it's been a little over 10 years that I've lived that actual life."

He said that the huge success of both the "American Sniper" book and now the film shows that America is waking up as a country and is standing behind warriors and their families.

Not everyone is a fan of "American Sniper" or snipers in general, however. Michael Moore made some inflammatory comments on Twitter.

"The fact that he would say something about America's military, snipers in particular, goes to show his abundant lack of intellectual capability that harnesses any value," Schick said.

Moore later posted on Facebook that media outlets had turned his tweets into stories about how he doesn't like the film "American Sniper."

"I didn't say a word about 'American Sniper' in my tweets," Moore wrote. "So here's what I think about 'American Sniper': Awesome performance from Bradley Cooper. One of the best of the year. Great editing. Costumes, hair, makeup superb!"

He added, though, that he believes most Americans don't think snipers are heroes.

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Former Army Ranger and sniper Nick Irving weighed in on Moore's controversial comments on "Fox and Friends."

"I don't think [Moore] deserves the breath that I'm about to give, but I'll just say Michael Moore wasn't there in Afghanistan and the last time I checked, he's never shot anybody with a scoped rifle," Irving said.

Don't you think he owes you thanks, not an insult? Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked.

"I don't really care what he gives me, a 'thank you' or not," Irving said. "A lot of good guys and a lot of my friends died for his right to freedom of speech. I'm not really worried about what he has to say."

Watch more from Irving in the clip below.

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