Actor Seth Rogen joined the chorus of left-wing and anti-war backlash against "American Sniper," likening the film to Nazi propaganda. 

After some harsh statements by movie critics in recent weeks, Michael Moore also slammed the movie on Twitter this morning, calling military snipers "cowards."

Melissa Francis asked on "Outnumbered" whether today's criticism is "sour grapes" after the Clint Eastwood-directed film raked in $90 million in its debut weekend. 

Jedediah Bila responded by decrying the fact that the left has to politicize the film, instead of simply appreciating the story of an American soldier.

"If this was for a left-wing political cause - like global warming, a la Michael Moore-style - or for something that they could get behind politically. Even if it was the crappiest movie, they would throw their hands behind it because it's part of their political cause. It's all politics all the time," she said.

Harris Faulkner lashed out at Rogen for his response, recalling that many Americans supported his movie "The Interview" after its release was canceled by Sony. 

Many rallied to support Rogen and co-star James Franco when the studio canceled the release after North Korea's cyber-attack and threats against the movie. 

"We all talked about 'The Interview' and we were going to go see it to support the cause that North Korea, hackers, nobody can tell us how to live free and have free speech. ... How dare he? These are the men and women who put their lives on the line to make sure that that right of free speech is protected," said Faulkner.

Andrea Tantaros described Rogen and Moore's views as "disgraceful," calling them "the left of the left of the left."

"American Sniper is a true story to honor an American hero that defends their right to be complete losers," said Tantaros.