The White House has invited three YouTube stars to interview President Obama two days after Tuesday's State of the Union speech.

GloZell Green, Bethany Mota and Hank Green, who have 13 million YouTube subscribers combined, will each talk with the president in-person and ask fan-submitted questions on the issues they care most about.

Some are questioning if this represents Obama elbowing out the traditional media.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, "This is part of an integrated communication strategy to make sure that the American people understand exactly what the president's fighting for in Washington, D.C."

Andrea Tantaros suggested on "Outnumbered" today that Obama doesn't like being asked tough questions, so he goes where he perceives that he's liked.

Jedediah Bila agreed and asserted that it's actually a smart strategy.

"Do your traditional media outlets, deal with the White House Press Corps, deal with the Bill O'Reillys, deal with us," Bila said, inviting the president to appear on "Outnumbered" some day.

"But also deal with unconventional outlets that speak to youth. You got to get the youth excited."

Harris Faulkner noted that the TV ratings of the State of the Union have been dropping in recent years. She said that Obama may be trying to reach out to part of the electorate that no longer tunes in.

"This is about the future," Faulkner said. "You are reaching out to future voters. When he leaves office - this is about legacy too - [he can say], 'I delivered more youth than anyone else.' Drop the mic."

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