President Obama and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) got into a heated exchange last week over the issue of whether or not the U.S. should impose new sanctions on Iran, according to senators who were present.

During the exchange, Menendez reportedly stood up and said he was personally offended by Obama's insinuation that the senator was motivated to push for additional sanctions to appease his donors.

On "Fox News Sunday," Evan Bayh said this comes down to a fundamental difference in how Obama and Menendez view the Iranian regime and its nuclear program.

Bayh said that Menendez - and a majority people in the Senate - view the regime as radical and revolutionary. They believe the threat of additional sanctions is essential to the negotiations.

Bayh said that others, possibly many in the administration, feel that it is a rational regime in Iran that will eventually come to an agreement after a cost-benefit analysis.

George Will remarked, "The president said, 'If we pass these sanctions, we will be blamed if the talks collapse on or around the June 30 deadline.' Sounds to me like he's planning for a collapse and looking for an alibi."

Kimberley Strassel said Obama is already facing multiple domestic policy issues and now he's causing discord on a foreign policy issue where there actually is some bipartisan unity.

"Needling Sen. Menendez does not help his case," she said.

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