Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Steven Bucci appeared on "Sunday Morning Futures" to share insight on how the battlefield has changed in the fight against terror.

Bucci said that despite what President Obama may say - or refuse to say - the U.S. is still at war with radical Islamic terror.

"This incident in Paris has shown us that there's something between the big, high-profile 9/11-type events and the simple lone wolf," Bucci said, noting that terrorists with some training, equipment and support are a much bigger threat than lone wolves.

He said that homegrown terrorists are more of a law enforcement issue, while special forces can be used as support, but are primarily intended to fight terrorism overseas.

Bucci also asserted that we are not as ready as we should be for the growing threat of cyberterrorism. 

"We have to up our game in protecting our networks and going after their's," Bucci said, adding that we need better security for businesses, individuals and even some government agencies.

As for President Obama's upcoming State of the Union address, Bucci said that from a foreign policy standpoint, Obama will probably minimize the threats.

"It's not his specialty. He's not comfortable with it. He wants it to go away, so he can do his stuff that he really cares about," Bucci said.

"I think he'll declare some victories like he's done in the war on terror when they're not there. So we really need to look at whatever statements he makes and test him to see if they're really as sunny as he may portray."

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