Police in Greece reportedly arrested four suspected terrorists, including one who could be the man wanted by Belgian authorities as an alleged ringleader of a terror cell.

This happens a day after anti-terror raids detained dozens of suspects across Western Europe.

In addition to increasing its terror warning to the second-highest level, Belgium has deployed troops to major cities across the country. It is the first time the nation has used troops to reinforce police in 30 years.

FoxNews.com reported:

The person said the four were arrested Saturday, including one who "matches the description" of Abdelhamid Abaaoud -- the man who Belgian authorities suspect was the mastermind behind a dismantled jihadi cell there.

Greek police have sent photos, fingerprints and DNA material to Belgium and are waiting to see whether the person is indeed Abaaoud, the source said.

Greek officials initially thought Abaaoud was in Turkey, but the detained man's name, as well as the cellphone found on him matches descriptions that Greek police received from Belgium, the Greek official said.

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