With anti-police demonstrations and protests taking place across America in recent weeks, a rally of a different kind occurred today in Washington, D.C.

Peter Doocy reported on "America's News Headquarters" from the nation's capital about the "Sea of Blue" march to support law enforcement.

"A few hundred people showed up," Doocy said of the pro-police event. "And the whole point was to support police in a peaceful way."

Doocy said that many people involved stressed that it was a peaceful demonstration, which stands in stark contrast to some of the anti-police protests that have generated headlines.

Doocy said that at today's march, participants remembered fallen officers and offered a salute to officers who are alive and still risking their lives on the job every day and night.

"People are ready. People in our nation are ready to show our officers that they care, that they stand up and support our officers," Kelly Wince, coordinator of the march, said. "They have had enough, and they want to show that they care about our officers."

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