A 30-year-old New York man accused of killing his wealthy father for cutting his allowance could stand to inherit part of his fortune.

The will of slain hedge fund manager Thomas Gilbert Sr. was filed in court yesterday. It splits his $1.6 million fortune between his wife, daughter, and his son Thomas Gilbert Jr.

Gilbert Jr. is accused of shooting his father to death after an argument. The 30-year-old Princeton graduate was living off a $3,000 per month allowance, which his father had just threatened to cut by $200 a month, authorities say.

Estate attorneys say the law is not clear about whether Gilbert’s son is entitled to a share of the money.

Attorney Arthur Aidala was on “Shepard Smith Reporting” to discuss the case. If Gilbert Jr. is convicted, Aidala said that his mother and sister could go to court and fight against his inheritance. Aidala said a judge would likely rule in their favor.

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