Shepard Smith reported today that police in Belgium said they prevented a "major, imminent attack that was thwarted by a raid."

At least two people have been killed during the raid and that at least one person has been arrested.

He explained the raid was conducted on what Belgium officials are calling an active terror cell, with some members of the group just returning from Syria. 

Fox News' Rick Leventhal reported from France that police searched dozens of locations in Belgium and that suspects opened fire on police in the town of Verviers, which is in eastern Belgium.

Leventhal reported that the men are allegedly jihadists. 

Fox News reported:

The raids included one on an apartment above a bakery in the eastern city of Verviers, authorities said. They said no officers were injured and that the suspects opened fire on them as the swooped in.

"We've averted a Belgian Charlie Hebdo," an unidentified police officer told La Meuse.

It was not known if the suspects in Belgium had direct links to the terror cell that carried out last week's attacks in Paris. But much of Europe is deeply concerned about homegrown jihadists sympatizers - and passport holders - who are returning battle-hardened from Iraq and Syria. Thursday's raids came as a man suspected of selling guns used in last week’s terror attacks in France was being detained in another part of the country.

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