Mexico is now issuing birth certificates at its United States consulates so illegal immigrants can avoid deportation.

Read background from the Associated Press:

Until now, Mexico has required its citizens to get birth certificates at government offices in Mexico. Many of those living in the U.S. ask friends and relatives back home to retrieve the paperwork, but the delay can hold up their applications for various benefits.

Now, even as Republicans in Congress try to undo President Barack Obama's plan to shield millions of immigrants living illegally in the U.S., Mexico is trying to help them apply for programs that would allow them to remain in this country and continue sending money back to relatives across the border.


About half the 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally are from Mexico, and immigration experts say roughly 3 million of them could be eligible to apply for work permits and protection from deportation under the administration's plan.

People applying to stay in this country will probably have to produce photo ID, such as a passport. And a birth certificate is necessary to get a passport.

Jessica Vaughan, of the Center for Immigration Studies, was on “Your World” to discuss. She said that these birth certificates will make it easier for illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, and she argued that Mexico wants its citizens to continue to send home money made in the United States because it stimulates the local economy.

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