Bill Clinton remarked on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that the terrorists in the Charlie Hebdo attacks represent “the world’s greatest double standard.”

“Praise Allah. A leader speaks truth, saying publicly what wimps say privately,” Greg Gutfeld said this evening on “The Five.”

Clinton’s point, according to Gutfeld “is a jarring departure from a cowering establishment who deny the obvious in favor of the big lie.”

He continued, “The lie - that it’s not religion, stupid - is based on grim assumptions of the West, that you and I are armed with pitchforks ready to chase innocent Muslims because of some bad apples.”

Gutfeld expanded on Clinton’s remarks, explaining that this double standard “drives its survival.” When intolerance makes one country inhospitable, it moves somewhere else.

“It’s the one bag you can check upon departure. And it spreads like a virus, designed to erase rivals.”

Gutfeld wondered, “So what do empty vessels like Vox, MSNBC, the Huffington Post and Reuters do, now that Bill Clinton is a right-wing extremist? Their job?"