Howard Kurtz reacted last night to the fact that two of the major evening news broadcasts barely mentioned the flood of criticism of the Obama administration for its handling of the Paris anti-terror rally. 

With more than 40 world leaders gathering Sunday in a massive show of solidarity against Islamic terrorism, only the U.S. ambassador was present to represent Americans. 

Many observers across the political spectrum criticized President Obama for staying home, and for failing to send Joe Biden, John Kerry or Eric Holder in his place.

The criticism was addressed on Monday by the White House, with spokesman Josh Earnest admitting the administration should have sent a higher-level official. 

Bill O'Reilly pointed out that if you watched the evening news on CBS or ABC, the controversy was mostly ignored.

On CBS, Scott Pelley mentioned it for 17 seconds, while on ABC, anchor David Muir devoted 40 seconds to the subject. 

On NBC, Brian Williams did cover it with a three-minute report. O'Reilly asked Kurtz and Lauren Ashburn about the scant coverage. 

"I was surprised that Scott Pelley's three sentences on CBS were so quick that if you sneezed, you missed it. But that was voluminous compared to yesterday's New York Times and Washington Post, which had no story on the thing that everybody around the globe has been buzzing about. This reveals an utter blind spot by some in the media - there were plenty of exceptions - to criticizing Obama. Especially over a move that even the White House can't defend and admits is a boneheaded mistake," said Kurtz.

O'Reilly singled out CBS News, saying the network does a lot of "hard news coverage" in the morning and said Pelley is a serious news anchor.

"And Pelley does 17 seconds? He knows that's under-covering it and he knows it's not good journalism. ... I think he was ordered not to do it," said O'Reilly, adding that Pelley had to know he was under-reporting the story.

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