A new study found that people separated from their cell phones suffer mental breakdowns.

Greg Gutfeld explained tonight how researchers had people solve puzzles while their iPhones were placed further away. The people who were unable to answer their phones had jumps in anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure.

“Conclusion: without our phones, we’re finished,” he said.

Gutfeld said that the anxiety trumps real concerns, explaining that “anxiety is born from two made-up stresses: the fear that you are missing out on something like nuclear war or a cat video, and a fear of isolation.”

Gutfeld said that “it speaks to a mutation of priorities” where “we replace thought with distraction.”

“It’s why even real outrage - over terror, for example - quickly dissipates. A Boko Haram massacre lasts a day, but a cat video lasts forever.”

Watch the monologue above.