Gun retailers are claiming discrimination after being cut off by some mainstream payment processors.

Gun dealers believe it's part of a quiet effort to restrict gun sales and put them out of business.

According to a report from The Daily Signal, some gun sellers feel like it's not even financially worth it to start a business anymore, citing this effort and the amount of regulation already in place.

“In most of the states, especially California and New York, you’re a lunatic if you start a gun business,” Cody Wilson, co-founder of Defense Distributed told The Daily Signal.

Wilson had his bank account closed by Chase.

He was blocked from his PayPal account twice and shut out from Stripe.

Stripe is a San Francisco startup that provides an easy way for websites and mobile apps to take payments using a range of payment systems from credit cards to Apple Pay.

Wilson’s case is more murky than other gun merchants. Instead of directly selling firearms and accessories, he provides blueprints on the Internet to manufacture 3D-pistols at home. The government classifies his business as the equivalent to distributing weapons without a license.

Katie Pavlich reported on "The Kelly File" that the squeeze stems from the Justice Department pressuring big banks like Chase and JPMorgan into not doing business with gun sellers, classifying them as "high-risk" transactions. 

She said small, family-owned businesses are seeing their accounts frozen and transactions rejected without warning.

Pavlich said each payment processor is a private entity and should be allowed to decide for themselves whether to accept transactions from legal gun sellers.

But she said the federal government is restricting the free market by "bullying banks and other companies."

Pavlich said the GOP-controlled Congress is expected to look at the issue, but right now "unelected DOJ officials" are the ones responsible for the effort.

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