A group of Democrats is going against President Obama and throwing their support behind the Keystone XL pipeline.

Gretchen Carlson reported today on "The Real Story" that the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of more moderate Democrats, feel that the pipeline is long overdue. 

Carlson spoke with one of the leaders of the Blue Dog Coalition, Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA) about the Senate moving forward with Keystone pipeline legislation. 

"We had the vote this week and it was a bipartisan vote, 28 Democrats voted in favor of the Keystone pipeline," Costa said. "And 11 out of the 14 Blue Dog members voted in  support of it. We have got to use all the energy tools in our energy toolbox and Keystone pipeline is one of those energy tools."  

Costa added that he believes the Keystone pipeline will be good for jobs in America and that it is one of many reasons why he supports it. 

"The fact of the matter is, I spent a lot of time working on multiple sources of energy for America," Costa shared. "The fact is,is that if we want to reduce our dependency on foreign sources of energy, we have got use all the tools in our energy toolbox...We are making progress." 

Costa said the Blue Dogs are going to continue to urge President Obama to reconsider and support the pipeline.

Watch the video above.