Newly released surveillance images show terrorist suspect Amedy Coulibaly and his hostages inside a Paris kosher grocery store on Friday.

The hostage-taking lasted from approximately 1 p.m. local time until police in full tactical gear stormed the store a little after 5 p.m. to end the siege.

Coulibaly murdered four hostages before being killed himself by police.

Rick Leventhal reported on "The Real Story" today that French police were able to tap into the CCTV cameras during the standoff to monitor what was going on inside the store.

Leventhal shared some of the harrowing images taken from the cameras.

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Some of the hostages hid in a freezer during the attack.

Hostages huddle in a group in one of the aisles.

One of the images shows the body of a store employee (blurred out) who reportedly tried to grab one of the weapons from Coulibaly. According to Leventhal, the gun jammed and the employee was executed.

An abandoned baby stroller sits in an aisle.

A number of images show hostages disconnecting the CCTV cameras at the direction of Coulibaly.

Coulibaly forces a hostage to put his hands up against the wall.

Watch more in the clip from "The Real Story" above.