Bill O'Reilly tonight went back and forth with "The Five" co-host Bob Beckel about the point of Sunday's march in Paris, which 40 world leaders attended.

Beckel said that the Paris protest march was a "foolish waste of time" after the deadly attacks in France last week.

"I'll put it very simply, you actually had it in your Talking Points Memo," Beckel said. "Those 40 leaders of those countries that are marching there, how many of them are actually fighting the jihadists? How many have airplanes in the air fighting the jihadists? How many of them have boots on the ground doing anything? How many are providing intelligence? Not many," Beckel said.

"You murder a bunch of people and the worldwide community shows up and does a march like Selma?" Beckel asked. "I mean, it's ridiculous."

Beckel added that world leaders should be spending their time fighting the jihadists. 

O'Reilly countered back, citing that France announced today that they are sending an aircraft carrier to help in the fight. He remarked that other European countries that may not have been engaged in the fight might start to mobilize with France.

"The Factor" host did share that he had no problem with Obama not going to Paris for the march, but that Attorney General Eric Holder who was already in Paris should have been there. 

Watch the discussion above.