Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said this morning he's looking "very seriously" at running for president in 2016, cautioning the Republican Party against nominating another "mushy middle" candidate. 

Responding to the news that Mitt Romney could make a third run at the presidency alongside Jeb Bush, Cruz argued that nominating a moderate has not worked. 

"Every single time we do that, whether it's Gerald Ford or Bob Dole or John McCain or Mitt Romney, the result over and over again is we lose," said Cruz, referencing Reagan's quote that Republicans need to "paint with bold colors, not pale pastels."

Cruz was asked to react to Rick Santorum - another possible 2016 candidate - calling him and Rand Paul verbal "bomb throwers" with little experience. 

He called Santorum a "good man," but said the 2016 race is going to come down to which candidate is "standing up and leading." 

"I think Republicans are going to nominate someone who will give bold voice and action to the values that built this country," said Cruz. 

Steve Doocy pressed Cruz to stop waiting and officially get into the 2016 race. Cruz said the field will form over the next six months, but refused to commit right now. 

"I've been receiving a lot of encouragement and support and I'm looking at it very seriously."

Watch the interview above to hear Cruz's reaction to President Obama's no-show at the Paris anti-terror rally.

He called the lack of an American leader at the event "a very visual manifestation of what's happened over six years" of the Obama administration.