Well, here's something you don't see every day. A dog in Seattle has learned how to board, ride, and even get off the bus by herself. 

In recent weeks, commuters have witnessed a black Labrador on the bus alone, KOMO reported. The friendly dog named Eclipse will even hop onto seats to sit next to strangers. 

The dog's owner, Jeff Young, explained that the tradition of Eclipse riding the bus alone happened one day when the dog grew impatient and left him while he was smoking a cigarette.

Local officials are not thrilled, however, preferring that Eclipse be with her owner on the bus and on a leash.

KOMO reported: 

"We get separated. She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park," said Jeff Young, who owns the dog. "It's not hard to get on. She gets on in front of her house and she gets off at the dog park, three or four stops later."

Young said the tradition has been going on for a while.

"She's been here the last two years, so she's been urbanized, totally. She's a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog," he said. "Probably once a week I get a phone call. 'Hi. I have your dog Eclipse here on 3rd and Bell,'" he recounted. "I have to tell them, 'no. She's fine.' She knows what she's doing."

Young and Eclipse appeared on "Fox and Friends" Wednesday.

"She's got friends on the bus," Young said. "She's made some commuter buddies."

"It's worked out alright."

Watch their "Fox and Friends" appearance above.