Greg Palkot reported on "Fox and Friends" this morning that Bulgarian authorities have arrested a Frenchman who was traveling from Bulgaria into Turkey.

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According to reports, Fritz-Joly Joachin has ties with at least one terrorist involved in the Paris attacks.

Palkot added that as many as eight other suspects may be sought throughout France.

"The police are being backed up by French soldiers, 10,000 now fully deployed today, not just helping in the hunt, but guarding sensitive locations," Palkot said.

He confirmed that Hayat Boumeddiene - married to Amedy Coulibaly, the terrorist who stormed a Paris kosher grocery store on Jan. 9, killing four people - has disappeared in Syria in ISIS-held territory.

Palkot also reported that photos of the suspects behind the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Cherif and Said Kouachi, have emerged. The CCTV images reportedly show them at a gas station, on the run after the attack.

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Palkot also noted that the defiant upcoming edition of Charlie Hebdo will feature Muhammad on the cover.

Watch the clip above.

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