After the cyberattack on Sony by North Korea, how could the United States military be hacked?

Greta Van Susteren posed the question to Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) after ISIS sympathizers took over the Twitter and YouTube accounts of CENTCOM. 

ISIS Sympathizers Hack U.S. Central Command Twitter Account

Hunter pushed back that it was Twitter and YouTube servers that were hacked, not the Department of Defense systems. But he said the worst part of Monday's hacking was the "propaganda" victory for ISIS. 

"The worst part to this whole thing is the propaganda part of this. That’s the worst part. That’s the only part that hurts American interests because to the folks that don’t have computers, a lot of them in the Middle East, this is going to look like a big deal. They can go home and say, 'We hacked the Department of Defense,' when in reality they did not hack the Department of Defense. Whoever it was hacked Twitter and YouTube and that’s it," said Hunter.

Hunter said he doubts the personal information of service members that was tweeted by the hackers was accessed via any classified databases.   

He also raised the possibility that there could be "bad folks, radical Islamists" in the military that could have compromised some information.

Greta said she hopes the U.S. military would be a "little smarter and better than everyone else" and able to avoid this type of thing. 

Watch the interview above.

In the clip below, Greta talked to tech expert David Kennedy, who warned of a potentially "disastrous" cyberattack by terrorists in the future. 

Kennedy said he worries that young people with hacking capabilities will become radicalized via social media and the internet. 

"It doesn’t take a large group to do this. I mean, you could have a group of 10 folks take down large portions of our infrastructure and our grid. That’s how bad our security is today," said Kennedy. 

He pointed out that fighting cyber threats is not a "military war" because it's hard to identify who the enemy is. 

"I can disguise myself and make myself come from North Korea. I can make myself come from China. I can make myself come from any demographic that I want to to make it look like somebody else," said Kennedy.