A disturbing new propaganda video has come out from ISIS, and it is said to show a young boy executing two prisoners. 

Shepard Smith reported this afternoon on what the gruesome video shows.

The two men first identify themselves as Russian spies, though ISIS videos often show hostages making coerced confessions.

They are then murdered by the boy while the older ISIS terrorist watches. It's unclear how old the child is. 

After appearing to shoot both men, one multiple times, the boy then smiles and pumps his gun in the air, Smith reported. 

Analysts say the adult in the video has appeared in previous ISIS propaganda videos about training children to become Islamic State fighters. 

Watch the report above (the execution tape was not shown in this clip.)

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Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) talked to Martha MacCallum about the disturbing new video Wednesday morning. 

In addition to last week's Paris attacks, MacCallum cited recent reports of new massacres in Nigeria by Boko Haram, the Taliban's attack on a school in Pakistan, and a bombing of a police academy in Yemen. 

She pointed to the uptick in attacks as increasing evidence that extremists are upping the ante in the propaganda war.

Peters said the use of child terrorists is nothing new for terrorist groups around the world. 

"Children [used in this way] are frightening because they have no sense of their own mortality or of your mortality. So you can get them to do truly horrible things," said Peters, noting that it's very difficult for any U.S. service member to pull the trigger on a child.

"That split-second decision you have to make when a child is approaching you... my God, what an incredible crisis of conscience and you're apt to make the wrong decision."

Watch Peters' full analysis below.