Charlie Hebdo magazine editors are not giving in to fear. The magazine's first issue since the deadly Paris terror attacks will be on sale Wednesday.

"America's Newsroom" host Martha MacCallum said that the Muslim Prophet Muhammad will once again grace the cover of the magazine holding a "Je Suis Charlie" sign. The text above the prophet reads "all is forgiven". 

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich shared her thoughts on the editors of the magazine defending their freedom of speech by printing this latest cartoon.

"I think it's a strong stance for what the editors who were killed last week really believed in," Pavlich said. "You know, they weren't going to cower in fear despite being under attack since 2011 for simply drawing and publishing cartoons that a lot of radical Islamists thought were offensive."

The magazine usually only prints about 65,000 copies per issue. However, Pavlich shared that this time around, the magazine will have three million copies printed. 

"And I think that the fact they're going to publish three million copies shows, not only are they getting support in France, but really globally people are standing up to this and finally saying enough is enough."

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