The widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was on “The Kelly File” to discuss “American Sniper,” the new film based on her late husband.

“American Sniper” tells the story of Kyle’s four tours and how the war impacted his family, including his wife Taya Kyle.

Taya told Martha MacCallum that the film is well done and authentic. Through the movie, she said she has been able to relive the experience, “which is beautiful and wonderful and painful all at once.”

Taya also told MacCallum that her children are doing well following the loss of their father.

“They have such a strong faith and a solid foundation,” she said as both she and Martha fought back tears.

She praised Bradley Cooper for his dedication to the role, calling him a "phenomenal, warm and caring" person.

Kyle recalled that her husband revealed "bit by bit" over the years about what he had done during his deployments.

She said her two children, who are in elementary school, won't see the full film right now, but spent 45 minutes with her watching the trailer when it first came out. 

Eventually, she said she's glad that her children will always have this tribute to their father.

“American Sniper” opens nationwide on Jan. 16. Check out the trailer below. 

Later on "Hannity," we heard from Kyle's father, Wayne, who explained that his son always wondered how many lives he had saved with his incredible actions. 

Dad of 'American Sniper': Son Wanted to Know How Many Lives He Saved