Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry went after Josh Earnest this afternoon on President Obama's decision to skip a massive anti-terror rally in Paris on Sunday. 

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Critics have argued that the U.S. should have been better represented among the 40-plus world leaders that marched. The top U.S. official at the rally was the ambassador to France. 

At the start of the press conference, Earnest acknowledged that the administration "probably should have" sent someone with a higher profile to the rally.

He said that despite that, the administration stands behind the French people in their battle against terrorism. 

Later, Henry pressed Earnest on what President Obama was actually doing yesterday. 

Earnest said he has not spoken to Obama about exactly what he was doing. 

Henry countered, "You obviously prepared for this. You've said many times, 'most transparent administration.' What was the president doing?" 

Earnest pushed back that his preparations for the news conference did not include finding out that specific information. 

Henry questioned why Attorney General Eric Holder, who was in Paris for a separate meeting, did not attend the rally. 

Earnest said he was unaware of the details of Holder's schedule, but reiterated that a higher-profile official should have attended.

Watch the full back-and-forth above and Earnest's earlier comments below.