Twin brothers Carlos and Ashton Larmond are facing terrorism charges in Canada, according to authorities.

Carlos was arrested at Montreal's Pierre-Elliott Trudeau airport on Friday after raising flags that he may have been attempting to join a terror group overseas. Ashton was arrested in Ottawa.

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Trace Gallagher reported on "The Real Story" that in the wake of the Tsarnaev brothers bombing the Boston Marathon and the Kouachi brothers committing the Charlie Hebdo massacre, authorities have said they would be taking a closer look at relatives on terror watch lists.

Gallagher said that the Larmond brothers have been under investigation in Canada for almost a year and a half.

He added that they are now facing charges of working with a terrorist group, as well as trying to leave Canada to join up with a terrorist organization.

According to Gallagher, Carlos was arrested Friday just before he boarded a plane to Frankfurt, Germany. His ticket said he was headed to India, but authorities think that the second half of his trip was a ruse and he actually planned to travel to Syria.

Gallagher noted that Frankfurt is a popular hub en route to the Middle East.

"So far, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have not given any specifics about exactly what the brothers are accused of," Gallagher said. "And the twins' lawyer says he thinks the police don't have a case and only made the arrest to stop them from leaving the country."

"Canadian authorities say at least 130 Canadians are suspected of being involved in terror activities abroad, and just like the United States, the concern over lone wolf terrorism in Canada is extraordinarily high."

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