More than 40 world leaders marched through Paris yesterday in a massive show of unity against terrorism. 

President Obama, however, did not attend. Neither did Vice President Joe Biden or Secretary of State John Kerry.

Attorney General Eric Holder was the only representative from the Obama administration who attended key terror talks in Paris, but was not at the rally. 

So, what was the White House thinking?

"Fox and Friends" posed that question to former White House press secretary and "The Five" host Dana Perino.

Perino said there may have been "legitimate security concerns," but ultimately believes the White House is regretting the decision today.

She suggested that the picture of world leaders uniting without the United States may be what the administration actually wants. 

"As Americans, we would have liked to have been there in the show of solidarity and liberty. We wanted someone to represent us. However, in a way, isn't this a little bit like what President Obama wanted, is that the rest of the world takes more of a leading role? That the United States has done enough? That we have people in the front. Perhaps, looking at that picture, this is what leading from behind looks like," said Perino, adding that she believes the Clinton or Bush administrations "would have found a way to send somebody."

"I think the White House is probably kicking itself a little bit and kicking at the television, thinking 'this is a mini outrage, it doesn't really matter that much,' but symbolism matters. And I think if they had a chance for a do-over, they would have asked for it this morning," she said.

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